, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

Get better at the business part of your business

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

Workice CRM is a web based invoicing and projects management tool for freelancers and small businesses. Create and send invoices, estimates, track time or expenses and accept online payments.

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

e-Contract Signatures

With Workice, you can sign and send contracts to clients for approval. We will automatically send reminders to your clients to remind them to review your contracts.

Your clients can sign and approve contracts with legally binding online signatures.

  • Auto convert contract to project once it’s signed by client
  • Automatically send contract reminders to clients

Recurring Invoices

Automatically send invoices out on a schedule so you don’t have to spend time creating similar invoices for the same client.

  • Automatically apply credit notes to recurring Invoices
  • Auto apply invoice late fees


Subscriptions helps you bill customers for your services once or on a recurring basis. Effortlessly manage the entire customer life cycle, from onboarding a customer for a subscription plan to accepting payments.

We currently support Stripe only for subscriptions. Other payment gateways coming soon.

Expenses Tracking

Always keep track of how much you spend. If you have expenses that need to be recorded periodically, set up a recurring expense and save time spent on creating them again.

File Sharing

Need to share a document or prototype with your team? Upload it to your Project in Workice and keep everything easily accessible. AWS S3, FTP and Dropbox supported


The calendar shows everything from tasks to projects and even invoices. Create events, set their due dates and even assign them to projects.

  • Appointment reminders
  • Set custom reminders and get notified via mail
  • Subscribe to your iCal feeds and all events will be displayed in your favourite calendar


Start a conversation with anyone in private from within Workice CRM and get real time notification on new messages.

Credit Notes

With just a few clicks create a credit note specifying the amount you owe to your customer. And while invoicing the customer next time, apply the credit note on the invoice to automatically adjust the billing amount.

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Customer Support System

Start supporting your customers in minutes. To save time on responding to common questions, Workice lets you create canned responses. Your agents can insert canned responses in one click, without spending time typing manual replies.

  • Email integrations (Converts emails to tickets or ticket replies)
  • Automatically close tickets after X days
  • Send ticket feedback request to customers after X days
  • Auto answer bot – Automatically sends an answer to your customers based on your knowledgebase contents
  • Collision detection – See who else is viewing or replying to the ticket.


Our Knowledge Base system enables your teams to create, maintain, and easily publish articles. With answers available upfront via a knowledge base, your customers will solve problems themselves reducing the number of tickets you have to answer.


See how you are moving the needle with visual reports that tell you how your lead pool and customer base is growing over time.

  • Monitor how your sales reps and teams are performing.
  • Enable daily email digest to get an overview of your business on a daily basis.

Multi Currency

Track all of your business expenses, estimates and invoices – no matter the currency.

Multi Language

Easily send invoices in the local language & currency of your global clientele. More languages coming soon. You can help in translations on Github

While it works on a shared hosting, we highly recommend hosting it on VPS server whenever possible. Also check with your host that you can run CRON every minute or use a service similar to cron-job.org to run CRONs every minute


Workice is built and designed to work seamlessly with the tools you and your team already use.

Example; Using Zapier you can connect your Workice Installation with 500+ other apps and automate workflows.

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

Social Logins

Users can simply log into the system with a single email address without creating any separate login credentials of the CRM.

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, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

Demo Access

Click the button below to view Demo Version

Login as admin using admin@example.com and admin
Login as client using client@example.com and client
Login as staff using staff@example.com and staff

, Workice – The Ultimate Freelancer CRM, Laravel & VueJs

Considering purchasing Workice CRM? Check the server requirements here
The applications requires PHP >= 7.1.3 and MySQL


Read the documentation in https://docs.workice.com


To view the changelogs click here

Translations Credits

  • Florian Gareis
  • Joransrb
  • Alexandros Gortsilas
  • David Naranjo
  • Asmuz
  • Luiz Silva
  • Tael Piotr Bidziski
  • Andrei Olariu
  • Manuel Rodrigues
  • Marc Marco
  • Albert Samseer and Geert Haagh
  • Danny Davila

proc_open() is required for running time consuming tasks e.g sending emails so ensure your host has it enabled. (Most of the hosts have this option)

Envato Refund Policy

We strongly recommend buyers to thoroughly check the item description, comments and demo (https://app.workice.com) to see if it works for your situation because it’s impossible to solve ‘all’ needs. If you have not downloaded the product you are entitled for a refund.

Neither Envato nor authors are obliged to give policy refunds in any of the situations listed below.

  • You don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it
  • The item did not meet your expectations
  • You simply change your mind
  • You bought an item by mistake
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item
  • You claim that you are entitled to a refund but do not provide sufficient information as to why you are entitled to a refund.

More info about the refund policy can be found on Envato Policy here

Demo Contract Credit

  • Freelancers Union


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