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Vuse Admin Template

Vuse admin is super flexible, powerful, clean, modern & responsive admin template based on Vuejs and Vuetify.js with unlimited possibilities. The Vue CLI makes it easy to maintain this application that already works, right out of the box. The code is super easy to understand and it comes with starter kit which will help developers to get started quickly. The template is fully responsive and clean on every device and on every modern browser.

Vuse admin contains many example pages with many ready to use elements and easy to customise. You can choose from few pre-made layouts. This template comes with lots of popular UI components with a unified color scheme.

Main Features

  • VueJs CLI
  • Vuetify.js
  • Google Material Design

Built-in Applications

  • Chat App
  • Contacts App


  • Authentication Pages
    • Login
    • Login v2
    • Register
    • Register v2
    • Forgot Password
    • Reset Password
    • Lock Screen
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Error Pages
    • 404
    • 500
  • Maintenance Page
  • Profile Page
  • Pricing Page

Configurable Template Layouts

  • Vertical Navigation
  • Above/Below Toolbar
  • Above/Below Footer

Other Features

  • Quick-Start Kit
  • Custom color management
  • Dark & Light color themes
  • Material design cards
  • 5+ page layouts

Browser Support

Vuse supports all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) including Edge.

IE11 is partially supported due to partial IE11 support of the Vuejs & Vuetify.


  • The built-in applications are for demonstration purposes. They may or may not have full functionality.
  • Vuse Admin is an Vuejs template, it’s designed to work as a separate app. It’s not a traditional HTML template.
  • Images shown in the demo are stock images imported from and
  • For the performance improvement, we are using native browser scroll. However, we have applied css for webkit browsers.
  • Placeholder Image Credits

    18 October 2018 – Internal Version 1.2.2

Initial Release

10 Novmber 2018 – Internal Version 1.2.10

Design Updates

18 January 2019 – Internal Version 1.2.10

Fixed dependencies (widgets->Widgets)

27 January 2019 – Internal Version 1.3.10

    - Vue CLI3
    - Vuetify 1.3.14

2 June 2019 – Internal Version 1.3.11

Refer: Version2.1 for this updates in Downloadable bundle

    - Widgets Updates
    - Font family changed to Montserrat


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