VueX Edit and Delete + Admin Page (Building a VueJS app Part 6)

In this tutorial we’ll be adding a delete button, an edit page, and an admin page to our VueJS app. Along the way we’ll discover Vue Filters and learn more VueX patterns.

0:00 Start
0:45 Admin Page
12:05 Delete Button
19:32 Edit Page
26:21 Review

Vue Filters are a feature that lets us create purely functional code, then use it in our template tags to modify data. The big advantage over a method is that you know it won’t have side effects — and it’s also slightly more visually appealing to stack multiple filters than to nest multiple methods calls.

The VueX patterns we’ll be learning will using actions to edit individual records within the store and remove records — and calling the appropriate mutations and Axios API calls to make that happen.

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*** Notes ***

Hey everyone!

I decided to start adding more polish to the videos. It was fun for a while trying to get outlandish amounts of tutorial recorded in a day, and the rough vlog format helped me get off my ass and record again, but now I want to start filming to make them easier to consume.

Here’s what I’m starting.

1. Tightened up the introduction (first minute), and included a preview of the topics covered in each section
2. Sped up some of the “boring” bits that are review (such as making yet another new route)

I’m still going to be leaving in the “oops, there’s an error… let’s investigate” bits, because they help show common ways stuff could go wrong.

Let me know what you think of the changes, and other ways you think the videos could be improved.

*** Find me online! ***

Website coming soon.

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