Vue File Manager with Laravel Backend


Online Documentation

Vue File Manager demo preview

About Vue File Manager features

Manage your folders and files with Vue File Manager client powered by Laravel API endpoint.

Drag & Drop

Reorder your files easily, just drag your folder or file and drop to another folder.

List & Grid Preview

You can change from two types of file and folder previews. Show your items in list or grid preview.

Background Uploading

Your files is uploaded in the background, so nothing will stop you from working with the files.

File & Folder searching

Search your items quickly, from anywhere in the app you are.

Custom Context Menu

Quick actions next to your file on your right click.

File Details

Get preview of your files quickli in right panel next to your files.

Mobile Optimized

Need to quickly upload or get your files on your smartphone? It’s not problem.

Pre-Build API Endpoint

You don’t have to create your own API for VueFileManager. You can use our pre-build backend in Laravel PHP Framework.

Online Documentation

Don’t worry, we will explain all things you should know to successfully start your VueFileManager instance.


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