About the Job

We’re looking for a developer to join us at SnapShooter and expand our team.

We are looking for a talented developer with good communication skills and additional business

This includes:

  • Onboarding customers and handling general inquiries.
  • Writing and publishing documentation, including SnapShooter’s blogs.
  • Being comfortable with video conferencing.
  • Participating in and contributing to marketing and sales meetings.

Technical aspects.

The following are a list of skills we require for the technical accept of the job:

  • Strong experience with Laravel
  • Strong experience with Linux
  • Good understanding of bash
  • Understanding of Livewire

You will be using your programming skills to do some of the following jobs:

  • Developing new backup solutions for application recipe marketplace
  • Implementing integrations with hosting providers.
  • Refactoring and improving the whole application.
  • Implementing testing.

Some of the future’s most significant projects are not public information, but
you’re welcome to ask and discuss during the interview process.

Pay and benefits

This is a full time(40 hours per week), fully remote job, and you can loosely choose your hours
as long as there is a ~4hour overlap with my day time hours (9am-4pm UTC).

The salary for this role is between £20,000 — £30,000 based on experience. We are looking for a
UK based employee.

Included is 21 days + bank holidays, paid holiday.

The job comes with no expected overtime. You will be free to take additional time off as and
when reasonably needed.

The first month of your employment will be a probation period, after which you will be given a
Mac Mini/Macbook Pro. We lease these as they come with fantastic customer service and next day

The position comes with the UK Government auto-enrolment pension scheme.

The position will be vacant from May-August.

How to apply

To apply, write something specifically for this role, and explain why we would be a
great fit, describe your future life in the business. Tell us what you would love to see added
to SnapShooter and why. Please also include a bad cracker joke in your application.

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We would prefer to hear stories about your past than CV’s. Give us links to your
work, show us code, explain why you want the role, tell us about your outside of work life.

Please email jobs@ this domain; if you fail to read this application correctly, your
email will be


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