Senior Vue.js Front End Developer


Company description

Sonar is a billing/OSS platform for Internet Service Providers.

Job description


I’m hiring a front end VueJS developer for Sonar. Sonar is an enterprise, B2B SaaS product, targeted towards ISPs. It provides numerous features for ISPs such as billing, ticketing, network monitoring, inventory management, scheduling, service provisioning, and more.

I’m looking to add at least one more front end dev to the team, and here’s what’s cool about the job:

  • Fully remote – we don’t have an office anywhere!
  • Flexible working hours
  • Interesting tech – we have a GraphQL API, full CI/CD setup, Kubernetes deployment in Azure, plenty of interesting stuff on the backend (Postgres, ElasticSearch, Redis, Swoole, etc.)
  • Super modern backend using VueJS, Apollo, and lots of cool commercial libraries, custom code, and complex challenges to keep you interested
  • Constant challenges – we’ve already done all the boring stuff, so it’s mostly building interesting new features, or working on new integrations – for example, we’re currently integrating Looker, working on a Twilio integration, building a mobile app, and lots more..
  • Great team/culture – 40 hour weeks are what we do, we aggressively hire (and fire) to maintain a good, healthy culture, and we really care about our employees. Full benefits are provided, along with a stipend for home office equipment that you can spend on almost anything you want. We have a book sharing club, we pay for conferences, and it’s just generally a chill, fun place to work.
  • We are engaged in all kinds of great outside projects – for example, we’re a partner in Microsoft Airband, which is bringing Internet access to millions of unserved people around the world.

Here’s what I need:

  • A great front end, VueJS developer. You should have experience working on a big, complex VueJS SPA or something similar in the past. The code base is large, there’s lots of complexity, and you’ll need a wide range of knowledge to be successful.
  • Someone who is extremely self motivated. We tend to err on the side of leaving people alone to get work done, and since we’re fully remote, that means you need to be really motivated and capable of working by yourself. For some people, this is pretty tough. If it sounds like a dream to you, you’re good.
  • Someone who has a high level of experience and good breadth of knowledge. We are always building challenging stuff, and we have significant complexity in the platform. Someone in this role needs to be able to think about the big picture, and understand how things interconnect. You should have the kind of mind that is always thinking about security and performance when writing code. We are doing a lot with Sonar, and it’s super important that the front end is performant on a wide array of devices without sacrificing functionality.
  • You should have a clear idea of what makes a good front end/JS developer – you should enjoy writing tests, you should enjoy researching the best solution to a problem, and you should have a good understanding of the current technical landscape.

Pay for this position is commensurate with experience. I do not expect to hire someone for less than $100K/USD yearly.

Here are the hard requirements – we just delete applications that ignore these 🙂

  1. No agencies/contract work/etc. I’m looking for individual, full time employees.
  2. Only hiring in the USA or Canada – no exceptions.
  3. Please make it clear in your resume how you meet the technical requirements listed – I always get a ton of applications, and lots of them are people that really aren’t qualified. Help me help you – call out that you’ve read what I’m looking for, and speak to how you are a good fit.

Please send resumes to

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