Company description

Yakima Chief Hops, Inc., the largest beer hops distributor in North America, has an exciting new opportunity for a Vue-flavored UX/UI Developer to join our talented, fun-loving design and engineering team. You will be our very first dedicated frontend specialist and enjoy ample opportunity to make a massive impact in the hops and beer industries!

Learn about our team.

Learn about our recent work and tech stacks on the about section of the hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile.

Thank you for your consideration. Cheers!

Job description

Day to day, you will focus exclusively on the public-facing front ends of our diverse portfolio of proprietary apps – helping re-design and re-build every single front end from scratch, over time, as a Vue SPA.

You will cast your vision, implement, and evaluate it in close collaboration with executive sponsors, product owners, customers, developers, and key stakeholders throughout the org.

If researching, designing, and hand-crafting dynamic, interactive frontends for web, mobile, and the enterprise excite you, look no further! Apply for our UX/UI Developer position by forwarding your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to [email protected]

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