Company description

State Supply has been a distributor of commercial and industrial products since 1933. We specialize in the industry’s top pump brands (such as Bell & Gossett and Taco) as well as steam traps, valves, and controls for steam and hydronic heating systems.

Job description

State Supply is hiring a Senior Software Engineer to be an integral part of a small team building a suite of new web applications to power the business. Since 1933, State Supply has been a distributor of commercial and industrial products for steam heating and hydronic applications. We’ve developed a reputation among mechanical contractors and facilities managers across the Nation as the go-to experts for maintenance, repair, and operations. Over the past three generations of ownership, we’ve seen many changes in our business, but none that measures up to the digital transformation which continues to surface new challenges, expectations, and opportunities.

We take a “default custom” approach to software, believing that custom systems allow us to build the best solutions to our business problems, and provide us with a unique competitive advantage. It’s an exciting opportunity for a developer to put all of their skills to work taking products from concept to completion. State Supply is looking for a Senior Software Developer who is comfortable working across the stack from backend to frontend, and who loves the process of understanding and solving complex problems through code. Strong knowledge of JavaScript and PHP, backed by equal parts creativity and pragmatism are the skills we’re after.

We encourage candidates of all different backgrounds to apply. Our goal is to provide a calm, creative, and collaborative environment where you can do your best work. The ideal candidate is someone who is inspired by challenge and enjoys continuous iteration on products over a long period of time.

About the Job

The Senior Software Engineer will begin their journey at State Supply by working with our Director of e-Commerce to understand the current platforms and integrations relevant to our business, along with the high-level architecture we are planning for the future. This process will entail wide-ranging conversations on various topics from the business problems we are solving, to the frameworks, schemas, APIs, and services we plan to build applications on top of.

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Following this process, we’ll define the roadmap and responsibilities, then setup development, build, and deployment processes that make sense for the team and our applications. Some of the services and technologies we currently use, plan to use, or are strongly considering include:

  • NodeJS, Express,, Vue, and Nuxt for writing full-stack JavaScript applications
  • MongoDB and Elasticsearch for handling unstructured data and full-text search queries
  • SAP Service Layer – a RESTful API that provides coverage over our ERP system
  • Prismic, Sanity, etc. – headless CMS that strikes a balance between developer flexibility and content creation productivity
  • Ergonode – an open-source product information management (PIM) platform based on a Symphony backend and Vue frontend using Nuxt
  • Integrations via Node clients for various services including Looker, Twilio, SendGrid, TaxJar, Braintree, etc.
  • Docker containers to streamline the development process

While each of the technologies above is more backend in nature, the frontend is what our customers, employees, and business partners interact with. To them, the UI is the product. It’s important that you excel in the areas of:

  • Writing semantic and accessible HTML
  • Crafting scalable CSS – we’ll continue to build our custom UI framework of components
  • Implementing UX patterns and being a good/constructive visual design critic (not necessarily a good designer)
  • Understanding structured data for search

We have a culture of continuous learning. We are very excited about how the pace of technical innovation allows us to build solutions to better serve our customers. We believe there are always subjects/areas that we can level up in. A big part of being a software developer is being a professional learner – filtering the signal from the noise and developing an understanding of new paradigms, tools, and technologies worth pursuing. Our goalposts are continuously moving, but top-of-mind for us at the moment are:

  • Service Worker and Web Worker utilization
  • Web Payment Request API
  • Leveraging augmented reality libraries to enhance the shopping experience
  • Implementing real-time inventory and fulfillment solutions using RFID technology
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Lastly, we appreciate how software development lends itself to remote work. However, being a small business affords us a very high level of organizational cohesion. We believe this cohesion sets State Supply apart and is critical to maintain as we grow. Because of this, the Senior Software Developer is an on-premise role. We are certainly willing to contribute relocation funds for prospective employees that are outside of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. That being said, we also understand that situations arise which warrant working from home and those will be accommodated.

About You

The most important aspect that we are looking for in a Senior Software Developer is an insatiable curiosity and passion for coding. Our ideal candidate has a deep understanding of JavaScript and PHP. They appreciate the role that frameworks have but recognize that a deep understanding of languages themselves is far more important. A solid understanding of UX patterns, CSS architecture, DOM APIs, and web performance are also important skills. Lastly, functional knowledge of tools and topics surrounding software development is important, including Git, testing, CI/CD, containers, devtools, etc. Of course, no one is an expert at everything. We don’t expect you to be. By “functional knowledge”, we mean that you understand the role a given tool/subject plays and are comfortable learning more if necessary.

Regarding qualifications, there are no hard ones. You might have a CS degree, you might not. You might be an English major, or you might be a dropout. We don’t care. One of the great things about code is its meritocratic nature. If you are a great developer, with a passion for continuous learning and solving complex problems, we want to talk to you!

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Pay and Benefits

State Supply aims to be within the top 10% of the Twin Cities market for total compensation. We believe in paying the best, for the best. The Senior Software Engineer position pays a base salary of $135,000+/annually depending on qualifications. We offer Paid Time Off, Paid Holidays, Health and Dental Insurance, Safe Harbor 401(k) – 5% Employer Match, Continuing Education Funds (conferences, classes, subscriptions, etc.), Dual Monitors + Laptop + Docking Station, Standing Desk, and $300 towards a fitness watch. Come work with us in our brand new Class A facility just off the Mississippi River. Enjoy free lunch on Fridays, and passionate arguments about strategy and the business every other day!

How to apply

Fill out the application, let us know why you believe we may be a good fit. Please tell us where we can learn more about you – GitHub, CodePen, StackOverflow, YouTube, Blog, etc. Lastly, please tell us about the most recent three subjects/areas of tech that you’ve been learning about, along with the motivation for doing so. It could be a series of blog posts, a video course, a conference presentation, etc. We want to understand a bit about your learning process.

In our interviews, you won’t code. We’ll certainly spend a lot of time talking about code. We’ll do deep dives around certain subjects about code. We’ll talk about the challenges you’ve faced and the projects you’ve built. But we won’t stick you in front of an editor during an interview. Our interview process revolves around discovery. We want to learn more about you – your experiences, your motivations, and your fit within our team. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

We are accepting applications immediately and plan to fill this key position as soon as possible.


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