Company description

We enable business experts to build and distribute powerful applications. Our software is intuitive and simple enough for non-IT-experts to understand within minutes, yet powerful enough and enterprise-ready for industries with complex reasoning and demanding use cases.

We especially cater to experts in law, finance, tax and compliance by helping them automate and standardise decision making.

Job description

What’s your job? ?

As a Frontend Engineer you’ll be part of our remote-first, cross-functional Product Development team, consisting of product managers, -designers, testers and developers. You’ll work on improving and extending our Vue.js and Typescript-based Single-page Apps.

You should have experience programming in maintaining larger Javascript or Typescript codebases and how to architect these kind of applications.

At BRYTER we value automated tests, so maintaining tests and helping the team figure out where tests are necessary and when to choose which kind of test type, will form part of your work.

The technologies you’ll work with most of in this role are TypeScript, Vue.js and RESTful-APIs. Based on your experience and interest, technologies such as Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes might also come into play in your day-to-day work.

We love working with people who are eager to learn and teach, so please do apply, even if you haven’t worked with our choice of frameworks or technologies before.

Why should you apply? ?

  • Direct impact on our product from day one
  • Colleagues that care about the product and the people who build it
  • We support you in your journey to become the best version of yourself. Not the least by providing challenging work, people around you who you can learn from, as well as a personal conference & training budget
  • BRYTER has a product & business model that’s tried and tested and we’re in the process of scaling our impact, so your impact can scale with us
  • Customers love our product which you’ll have a key role in developing
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How we work ?

Have a look at our site to get an impression on how we work:

How to apply

Start a conversation by sending an email to

Just say hi, and why you’re interested in working with us. If you feel fancy, send your CV along too.

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