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Company Overview

Elevation Energy Group is a privately held energy marketing company headquartered in Austin, TX. The company operates “retail energy” brands across that country which proudly serve electricity and natural gas to over 100,000 residential customers. Founded in 2012, Elevation Energy Group has delivered exceptional business results by challenging the norm in an industry ripe for disruption. The company is looking to add to its software development team to further drive sustainable expansion in the industry.

Position Summary

We’re looking for a mid-level PHP programmer with Laravel experience to join our team. Salary will depend on experience. The duties performed will mostly be back-end, but some front-end and JavaScript experience is required. Our small development team is in the process of finishing a new application the company uses to transmit data to and from utility companies. You will be writing (tested) code for adding features into our new system, as well as helping to migrate utilities from our old system onto the new system. Down the road you will help translate marketing objectives or new business requirements into well crafted applications or tools.

Our new system relies on a handful of well tested private composer packages we have created to keep things decoupled. If you aren’t experienced with creating your own composer packages and have limited experience with test-driven development, this will be a great growth opportunity for you. If you are already experienced in these areas, then great, you can push your knowledge even further and be a productive contributor to our team very quickly. We have an established CI/CD workflow and all code will be reviewed and discussed with a senior engineer. You may also be asked to perform code reviews of senior engineers. We are dedicated to building an environment that will expand your knowledge and push you farther in your career as well as produce high quality software the company can depend on.

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Essential Skills

  • You understand OO in PHP. You are familiar with classes, interfaces, and traits. Though depending on your skill level you may not always know when to interface. This is something you can learn here!
  • Unit tests are not completely foreign to you, though you may not be an expert.
  • You have a solid foundation in MYSQL and can write basic selects, updates, inserts, and joins. You will primarily be using Eloquent for your queries but an understanding of what is going on under the hood goes a long way.
  • You have some basic nix skills and Git is second nature to you.
  • You have some front-end experience.
  • HTML/CSS is easy for you and you can use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.

Nice to Have Skills

  • PHPUnit/PHPSpec/Mockery proficiency
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel Dusk experience (integration testing via the browser)
  • Experience building APIs and the JSON API spec (
  • Private composer packages
  • Guzzle HTTP lib
  • Software Design/Application Architecture
  • Code refactoring, code smells, design patterns

Perks and Benefits

  • Elevation built their very own office in the hip and growing East Austin area. There are tons of cool restaurants, bars, and food trucks within walking distance of the office. We are right across from Juan in a Million!
  • We have an open office with a nice vibe and a team of friendly folks.
  • You can bring your dog to the office!
  • Comprehensive Health and Dental Insurance
  • Competitive Salaries
  • 401K with matching eligibility
  • Way too many cookies from Tiffs Treats

Other Requirements

  • You must be willing/able to work on site in Austin, TX

How to Apply

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