, Pensum – Task Sharing Platform, Laravel & VueJs


Pensum is a task sharing application, written in php and javascript. It leverages modern frameworks like Laravel and Backbone. In my opinion, Laravel is the greatest php framework out there. The code is incredibly readable and clean. Applications written in Laravel simply have to turn out beautiful. I think you are going to love Laravel, wether you are a beginner or profession php developer. Just as with Backbone, a javascript library that helps clean up the messy spagetti code on the bottom of your site making ajax requests.

The project features authentification, resource handling, even a restful API and many more. It really is great for learning the latest and greatest techniques.

Hopefully I could spark your interest. I really think you are going to love this one!

Support & Documentation

My customers love my fast and friendly support. You can submit tickets via my Profile.

As always, documentation is provided with the file. You can also take a peak over at Codezilla.


If the demo is not loading fast enough, try closing the CodeCanyon frame by clicking “Remove Frame” in the top left corner.

You want to see if the application holds up? Sure thing, register on the demo page or login using the information below to see it in action.

Test Account:

email: jeff@codecanyon.net

password: funyuns

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