Learn how to build a Single Page Application with Laravel (6+) PHP Framework and Vue.js

What you’ll learn

  • Using Vue to build a Single Page Application
  • Using Laravel to build a robust API backend for any application
  • Combining Laravel with Vue to create a powerful SPA
  • Vue/API SPA Authentication using Laravel Sanctum


  • Good command of JavaScript fundamentals
  • Good command of PHP fundamentals, including Object Oriented Programming (a must have!)


Learn Laravel together with Vue.js in this brand new, full-stack, project-based course!

Learn how to create a robust API in Laravel and a Single Page Application frontend in Vue.js!

As with my other courses, you will start straight away by creating a project. During the course, you will build a booking page, similar to very popular online booking websites!

No time wasted on so called “theory”. I did by best and went extra mile, to explain everything that you need to learn by practical examples. It’s not one of these courses when instructor in the first 10 hours reads the documentation out loud.

Topics covered include:

from Laravel: Controllers, Eloquent, Query Scopes, Model Events, HTTP resouces.

from Vue: Vue Router, Vue Components, Vuex (global state management).

Don’t waste your time and money anymore, this course is the only resource you need to get up to speed with full-stack development using Laravel Framework 6+ and Vue.js!Who this course is for:

  • PHP developers looking to learn Laravel to build APIs
  • JavaScript developers wanting to start with Vue that have PHP basics
  • Laravel developers wanting to enhance their skills by learning how to work with 

Piotr Jura
Software architect
Software developer with over 6 years of experience in creating big and small APIs and web applications including frontend.

Currently working in the rail industry.

Gained experience working for E-Commerce, Media, Sports, Car Dealership and Rail Industry companies around the world.

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I enjoy creating high quality applications and sharing the knowledge and experience.


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