, Laravel CRUD Generator, Laravel & VueJs, Laravel & VueJs

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Laravel CRUD Generator (Version 5.3.31)

Now You can generate:

  • Add, Edit Page
  • Controller, View
  • Searching, Sorting by field
  • Pagination
  • Export csv/pdf
  • Single and multiple delete option
  • Left join. Search, Sort data from foreign table
  • Important features are one to many & many to many relationships

1) Input
2) Textarea
3) Dropdown (Data from foreign table)
4) Status
5) Image
6) Radio (Unlimited options)
7) Checkbox (Unlimited options)
, Laravel CRUD Generator, Laravel & VueJs, Laravel & VueJs Date
9) Time
10) Datetime
This generator is must have tool for you. You can generate code and start using admin panel or you can copy generated code to your project. You can build quick demo for your clients.
PHP 5.6+

Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PayHo-u5PaY

Login :

link : http://portfolio.phprobo.com/lara/login

username : demo@demo.com

password : demo

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