What you’ll learn

  • Create Projects with Laravel 5.5 and Vue JS
  • Create a Blog administration system
  • Create Vue JS components


  • Laravel Basics
  • Knowledge in PHP
  • Vue JS Basics


Learn to work with Laravel 5.5 and Vue JS. In these courses you will learn in practice how to create a project with Laravel 5.5 and how to create components with Vue JS building a Blog administration system. The course will have more than 30 classes and will focus on building components with Vue JS within a project with Laravel. While the course is in development you can contribute tips and help with the preparation of classes, in addition to purchasing the course with a pre-sale value.Who this course is for:

  • Web developer
  • PHP Developer
  • Back-End
  • Front End

Course Instructor

Guilherme Ferreira: He works as an Instructor at Guia Código, a consultant and is a web and mobile developer. He has experience in PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and Frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, AngularJS, Angular, React, Vue, Ionic, Bootstrap and others. Resident in the city of Santa Cruz do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Its objective is to guide its students towards success in their careers in the world of programming.

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