, JT Laravel CRUD & Login Management, Laravel & VueJs

JT-Laravel-CRUD & Login management is a robust and feature packed PHP based framework laravel and mysqli login management script that includes a beautiful dashboard UI & Front-end desing to make getting started on your next app a breeze! Check out the demo now!

, JT Laravel CRUD & Login Management, Laravel & VueJs

Online Documentation: https://jtlogin.glossytruth.com/documentation/

, JT Laravel CRUD & Login Management, Laravel & VueJs

Core Features

  • Very Easy to Install! – Easily install system and easy documentation.
  • Password Forgot/Reset – Secure Pin/Email method for password resetting
  • User Management – Add/Manage/View all of your existing users, including registration date
  • Last Login – View when a user last logged into your system
  • Unlimited User Levels – Create and secure content based on unlimited user levels you define!
  • Active Users by Group – View how many active users are in each user level
  • Multi-lingual – Includes dynamic added languages – add your own easily!
  • Front-end – Front-end page include you can easily develop it!
  • Roles – Dynamic Roles Added system!
  • Permission – Dynamic Permission system according to roles wise.
  • Social Login – Social Login system.
  • Messaging – Registered user’s can communication by messaging .
  • Import, Export, PDF – User list and customer can import, export xls and PDF download.
  • Image Cropper – Image Cropper System included
  • Customer Panel – Customer Panel, Customer can Login and registration from front-end.
  • Profile Page – Users can update their avatar, profile information and change password
  • Redirect by User Level – Setup different login redirects based on user level
  • Logout Redirect – Setup different logout redirects based on user level
  • Setting System – Setting system included and can permission everything from here.
  • Demo:

    Demo Link: https://jtlogin.glossytruth.com/
    Customer Login Info:
    Link: https://jtlogin.glossytruth.com/customerlogin
    User: customer@farazisoft.com
    Pass: 123456

    Admin Login Info:
    Link: https://jtlogin.glossytruth.com/login
    User: admin@farazisoft.com
    Pass: 123456

    Employee Login Info:
    Link: https://jtcrud.farazisoft.com/login
    User: user@farazisoft.com
    Pass: 123456

    7 September 19


    V1.2 – 7th September 2019

    - Version Upgrade laravel 5.5 to Laravel 6.0
    - Extra code reduce
    - Database error solve

    V1.0 – 7th February 2019

    - Initial Release
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