Install Laravel in Docker container on Ubuntu for beginners 101

Install Laravel on Ubuntu for beginners using Docker. (see shortcuts below to key points) Adam Culp of Beachcasts php programming videos shares how to install Lavavel globally, and how to create a new Laravel project, and set up a development environment with Docker.

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Key Topics:
– Install Laravel installer globally
– Install a Laravel project/Create a Laravel application
– Using Artisan to perform tasks in Laravel
– Create docker-compose.yml
– Create Dockerfile
– Use Laravel with Docker container

This video assumes you have Composer and PHP installed on your system already.
08:35 I say “Composer” but meant to say “Docker”
13:31 The container will use Debian from the base image, not Ubuntu
13:39 Need to use mariadb-client because Debian doesn’t have mysql-client
Let me know if you notice anything that should be errata

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Example Docker files used in this video:

01:26 Install Laravel installer globally
02:30 Add the Laravel installer to the $PATH
03:00 Edit the .bashrc to add to PATH
04:40 Use Laravel installer via CLI
05:30 Create a new Laravel based project
06:55 How to use artisan command line tool to perform tasks for Lavarel
07:50 Use artisan to launch the PHP built in web server
09:40 Alter /bootstrap and /storage directory permissions for web server
11:16 Create the docker-compose.yml file
12:30 Create the Dockerfile to be used by docker-compose
13:20 Walk through Dockerfile contents
15:04 Launch docker-compose

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