Full Stack Web Developer

GuitarTricks.com is one of the most popular resources for learning guitar online, with over 3.5 million registered users since we started over 20 years ago. Thousands of people from all over the world use our online video lessons to learn guitar every day. We are looking for a full time remote web developer to join our small team!

About The Job:

You will spend your time both developing new features and improving existing projects, and most of the time you will be the only developer working on something. The work will be a mixture of frontend and backend stuff. Sometimes you might be working with an older custom CMS with lots of procedural PHP, and other times you will be working on projects in a more modern application built with Laravel. Some will be very small quick tasks and others will take more planning and time, for example:

  • Implementing a new view from our graphic designer
  • Adding a new customer service tool for our admins with our Laravel Nova installation
  • Creating a new reporting page for admins to track key subscriber metrics
  • Implementing conversion tracking code for an ad network that a marketing person sends you
  • Improving the load time of a slow landing page
  • Updating our REST api to support a new feature going into our mobile app
  • Integrating with a new payment processor
  • Implementing Laravel socialite on a new website
  • Fixing a small bug in a javascript chord library tool
  • Adding a fun customization on top of a Wistia video player
  • Implementing a promotional coupon code system on a new Laravel website
  • Tweaking firewall settings based on security threats

About Us:

We are profitable and growing, with a relaxed work environment and stable hours. Before shelter-in-place we worked out of an office in San Francisco and now we all work from home. For the majority of projects we prioritize deployment speed over code quality. We like to go fast, make mistakes, learn something and then move on.

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About You:

You have worked on a small team before, and been the only developer on a project. You’re comfortable with Linux environments and being on a command line. You have experience with working with Git/SVN. Huge plus if you have experience with back-end APIs that support mobile in-app subscriptions, as well as web payment providers like Braintree and Stripe.

This is a full time remote role with 100% healthcare benefits coverage, 401k, paid time off and some fun extra perks. If this sounds like a good fit please apply here:


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