We’re looking for a strong and seasoned leader to focus on our growth and revenue. As a company that’s been historically over-indexed on product and people, we need a confident and energetic voice at the leadership and cofounder level advocating for the relentless, patient and consistent pursuit of growth.

As an early hire, we’re looking for a long term leader eager to build on our early successes and hungry for generating meaningful long term growth through data-driven planning. Your fingerprints will be on a company with a desire to generate long term wealth, opportunity and truly meaningful success for all it’s team members.

We are a 100% remote company which has afforded us the ability to focus on hiring top talent across Canada without worrying about geography. You’ll enjoy working with these high capacity team members with the independence and flexibility of working from your home office with daily video connections. You’ll meet in-person with the team in a frequent cadence to be determined as necessary.

  • is a “detective” of revenue
  • is genuine, authentic, integral and relational
  • is intelligent, shrewd and strategic
  • is open minded, and perhaps even a little unconventional
  • approaches challenges and opportunities with more questions than answers
  • has an entrepreneurial spirit that questions assumptions, behavior and data
  • loves to learn
  • is able to strategically interpret and apply success patterns observed in adjacent markets
  • has measurable success in pushing the revenue growth of a company forward
  • has demonstrated a long term, patient and consistent approach to growth in past engagements
  • may not have a formal education in business or growth
  • Study and continually study our clients, our partners, our early successes and the broader market
  • Partner with the CEO, CXO, COO, and CPO to grow the company
  • Actively identify new growth opportunities and execute on capturing those opportunities
  • Bring an organizational approach to growing revenue by building goals and teams
  • Further our existing partnerships
  • Build and enhance recognition of the Givecloud brand and products
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  • Competitive base salary
  • Stock options
  • 6 weeks paid time off


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