, Genno Admin Starter Kit –  User Management, Roles and Permissions, Laravel & VueJs

======== Demo ========

DEMO URL: http://www.genno.site/
Documentations: https://docs-genno.netlify.app/

Admin => Username: admin, Password: admin123
User => Username: user, Password: user123
Guest => Username: guest, Password: guest123

This starter kit is built with some basic features required for building web app such as Datatable, User Management, Roles and Permissions, Site Config, File Upload, and many more.

We provide some helper components and examples to help you start your task faster and easier such as Datatable with server side ready, Datepicker, Photo crop and upload, and many more.

We will be updating Genno regularly with latest version of framework, plugins, features and fixes.


  • Rest API
  • Installation Page
  • JWT Auth
  • Register User, Forgot Password, Reset Password
  • User Profile Page
  • User Management
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Site Config
  • Photo Upload
  • Avatar
  • Files Upload
  • Datatables
  • Country, City, State
  • Mail
  • Location Picker
  • SCSS
  • Dockerized

Helper Components

  • Datatables
  • Location Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Color Picker
  • Photo Cropper
  • Avatar Generator
  • Confirmation popup
  • Dialog Loader
  • Multifiles Uploader


Sample Pages

  • Feed (Post some fields with image)
  • Assets (Multi upload files, and delete action)


  • Basic Javascript Skill
  • VueJS knowledge
  • Basic MongoDB Skill

File Includes

  • Javascript files
  • SCSS files
  • SVG files
  • PNG files
  • Postman Collections

======== Next Releases ========


  • Datatable Filters
  • More Helper Components
  • Email Template
  • Locale
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