Company description

We are a fresh company, with huge amount of projects.

We try to provide our customers the expertise in each area depending on their needs.

We have some in house SaaS apps to develop as well as web apps, we don’t build websites.

Job description

We need a FullStack web developer, with expertise in Vue.js and Laravel.

We have growing client base, as well as building currently some own SaaS applications and need somebody who is able to get things done, as well as creating good and clean code, for future refactoring.

One of the most important things for us is not who you are or what you accomplished already, it is who you can be and how far you can grow with us.

We love people who want to learn, share and be challenged all the time.

Titles and Degrees are not important for us. We want you to grow with us.

Skills you should have.

  1. You should be capable to work on your own.
  2. You should be able to work in both front and backend.
  3. Of course you should have already knowledge in VueJS and Laravel
  4. You should have some experience with git, docker, unit testing, its not a need but a plus.

Not Required Skills, but a +

  1. Some knowledge on Flutter
  2. If you have played around with React and React Native
  3. Tailwind is our most used css library, so if you have some experience would be great.
  4. You have played around with NuxtJS

English is a need due to all our clients are English speakers

Salary according to the experience and skill.

How to apply

To apply you should send us your CV in english, some work that you have done in the past like links to apps or websites, and some open source code you can share with us.

Of course you can share any questions or doubts you have with us in this email.

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We will contact you ASAP.

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