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Our mission is to make complex and spreadsheet-like information instantly obvious and usable, thus empowering users to take the best course of action for any situation,

Job description

You will work directly with the founder of a young company called Polymer Search and work on some exciting search innovation. I have been a Computer science engineer myself for the last 20+ years (ex-Google). I am looking for an experienced full stack developer. The focus is on data analytics and management via a SaaS webapp via a fairly involved UX. Some of the skills I am looking for are:

– 5+ years experience in performant Javascript for frontend and backend.

– 2+ year Vue.js experience (or another Reactive framework like React and willing to pickup Vue quickly)

– Preferable: Node.js experience: Writing performant web applications, working with popular frameworks.

– Comfortable with HTML/CSS and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap

– Comfortable using Chrome or Firefox Dev Tools to debug and instrument web applications

– Working with databases : Postgres/Redis/Mongodb

– Working with different web architectures and technologies (Load balancing, performance instrumentation, logging, queuing technologies, databases)

– Experience with deployment (AWS/Heroku)

– Comfortable with common algorithms and data structures

– Building and Working with APIs of different kinds

You will work with me directly and together we will work on some very exciting engineering and innovation. I have been a competitive programmer myself (ACM internationals) and have been in senior roles at some of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley. I’m sure there is a lot we can learn from each other.

You can contact me at ash [at]

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