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Company description

Ukko Agro is an agriculture technology company helping farmers grow more food in a sustainable way. We are building an Intelligent Crop Management Platform that enables growers to intelligently manage valuable crop inputs, including pesticides, water and fertilizer. Our team is comprised of agriculture research scientists, technology professionals, and agriculture economics specialists.

Our first-generation product enabled farmers to reduce pesticide usage by an average of 25% without any crop losses and apply sustainable agriculture practices. Our second generation product achieved a 10x season to season growth with presence in multiple states and provinces in both U.S. and Canada. As we are building the 3rd generation product to further fuel our growth while helping farmers beyond U.S and Canada, you will have a direct impact on achieving this next milestone in our journey.

Job description

Ukko Agro is building solutions to solve one of the toughest challenges our generation is facing today – growing more food with less pesticides and less water. If technology is your passion, solving tough challenges excites you, and our impact-driven mission resonates with your core values, then this role is for you.

About the role

You will work with a team of 3-4 front-end developers and UI/UX designers to implement a mobile-first web interface, powered by a backend architecture leveraging IoT devices to generate intelligent disease/pest/water usage and other critical forecasts on thousands of acres on real farms across North America and beyond.

You will work closely with our science team in turning applied agriculture research into commercial software solutions. This system will further enable data driven sustainable agriculture practices while improving farmer’s income.

Key qualifications

  • project experience with Vue, Vuex, and Nuxt
  • experience with unit and E2E testing, especially TDD
  • familiarity with backend development and REST API practices
  • proven ability to thoroughly document a project
  • strong explanatory and collaborative skills


  • experience in UI/UX and responsive design
  • experience with data visualization tools such as d3.js
  • experience with mapping APIs (Google Maps, OpenLayers, etc)

How to apply

Please send resume and cover letter to Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose to apply to our company!

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