Job description

We are looking for an experienced javascript developer and vue.js specialist to lead the front end build for an ecom site.

The site is a pretty standard ecom flow with: product list > product details > cart > checkout > my account.

The twist is; the templates (html/css) must be loaded dynamically at render/runtime using a library such as

Existing front end is built with react.js, which is complex and does not allow simple html template authoring.

You will be using a rest api to exchange data with the backend. VUEX experience a must.

We are a passionate remote team working from several time zones, using google meet, asana, github, and other collaboration tools.

Your job is to architect, scaffold, and plumb the site. The servers, rest api, html, css, and design is handled by other veterans of their craft.

To start right away, on a monthly basis/rate working full time for a period commensurate to your interest, effort, and ambition 😉

How to apply

Email with questions.

Please include your resume and any online profiles you can share (github, bitbucket, linkedIn, …)

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