Experienced Vue 2 genius for customized web app designed for travel agencies


Company description

Our mother company, Buspaket, is a technology-loving B2B travel agency managing group vacations all over Europe. Our small development team currently works on a web app for other travel agencies which is already in use by two companies. Our product is customized to a niche market and we are highly motivated to build in new features to grow further.

Job description

What is the app for:

  • Our web app is a customized app designed for travel agencies that need to manage the bookings of groups
  • Our app covers everything from handling incoming client emails, creating travel itineraries from scratch or using templates, calculating and managing prices, booking and managing travel services, deadline management, creating automated documents, managing invoices and payments, managing your service providers (hotels, ferries, etc.) as well as managing information


  • Backend: PHP with symfony and API platform
  • Frontend: VueJs 2.6

A small team to stay effective and flexible:

  • Project/product manager
  • Experienced senior backend developer
  • Experienced frontend developer: You

Current project stage:

  • The project has a solid code base (although some refactoring is probably needed to improve code consistency)
  • We sold now the first licenses to an external client which requires individual adjustments and new features


  • You should have experience with a medium-size project and the ability to handle complexity
  • You need to feel comfortable of being solely responsible for the front-end
  • It is very important that you know how to structure code such that components can be reused easily and whenever possible.
  • You should keep up with the current scene and developments and use the best available standards
  • CSS mastery and ability to go from design to html very effectively
  • You should question the tasks that are set and share your thoughts about flaws or improvements
  • You should have worked with Jira, git before and should have experience with remote development
  • You should have good English skills

Scope of the task:

  • 2 days / week minimum
  • Payment on an hourly basis

Why this might be interesting:

  • I think we have a very cool and working app with a lot of potential
  • You will have an independent and important role in the team
  • You will have a big impact
  • When we grow, you can grow with us

How to apply

Please send a CV to my email adress and attach some examples of your code (e.g.gitHub repositories) if possible. If your CV looks good, we will arrange an interview and go from there.

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