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Admin Login

Email :
Password : admin

Email :
Password : manager

Email :
Password : accountant

Frontend Login
Email :
Password : admin@123

ESHOP Ecommerce CMS - 1

A responsive, user friendly, E-Commerce platform

ESHOP is a advanced E-Commerce platform for selling products. The application allows users to browse products, customize a product and checkout all in one page.

It uses a minimalist style, making your site look slick without sacrificing functionality. It?s also responsive and works on mobile, tablets as well as desktops.

The aim of this application is to make it easy and convenient for your users ? whilst providing a fantastic user experience.

Key features

Administration panel for managing products , categories , shipping , payments include paypal , COD ,and stripe. , clients , orders , seo , system settings and alot of other options
Responsive ? works on mobile, tablets as well as desktops
One click setup of paypal for payments
Product Gallery
Frontend Filters and Advanced search option
Review System for Products
Coupon Management
Secure and Hack proof platform
Uses the latest technology including HTML5, Laravel 5.1 , Bootstrap .

Technical specifications You will need the following specifications to run the application:

Apache 1.13.19 or above
PHP 5.4+
The mod_rewrite Apache module


V 0.1 released
Integrated stripe
User roles updated to administrator,manager,accountant.
Profile page for users is added.
Review system updated can view and delete reviews from admin panel.

Paypal Fixed

Developed and Crafted by KODEINFO


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