, Box – An Online Cloud Storage Application, Laravel & VueJs

Box is an online cloud storage application based on Laravel. This will help you to create a custom cloud storage file manager for your team, your office or even start your own cloud storage business. Now you don’t need to pay a single penny to buy cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox etc.). Make your own cloud storage using 3rd party cloud storage service.

, Box – An Online Cloud Storage Application, Laravel & VueJs


  • Use Dropbox as your file storage
  • Use Box.com as your file storage
  • Multiple 3rd party cloud storage service adding feature
  • Choose default storage option
  • Realtime default storage changing feature
  • 1 Click auto installer
  • Administrator panel
  • Administrator can upload files on any users account
  • Administrator can view all users profile
  • Administrator can download all users files
  • Administrator can change the users existing role
  • Users panel
  • Users can upload files
  • Users can download files
  • All administrators and users will have different folder on Box.com
  • Users can only view their profile
  • All uploaded files will immediately available on either Box.com or Dropbox through API
  • Any changes on Box.com or Dropbox will immediately reflect on the application
  • Files thumbnail feature
  • Delete files with just 1 click
  • Download files with just 1 click
  • User registration
  • Password reset
  • Google material design
  • Accessible from all devices


  • Files thumbnail
  • Delete files
  • Dropbox support
  • Google drive support
  • Direct video stream
  • Lightbox feature


Administrator account

Email: echo@vardump.net

Password: 123456

User account

Email: demo@vardump.net

Password: 123456

Change log

=== Version 1.2 ===
New: Dropbox support.
New: Added connect option for all user types.
Tweak: Rewritten the change user change role functionality.
Tweak: Remove creating folder on Box.com when signing up for both administrator and user.
Tweak: Documentation updated.
Tweak: Refactored various condition and code for better performance.
Fixed: Base URL for installing on a sub-directory or sub-domain.

=== Version 1.1 ===
New: Files thumbnail support.
New: Files delete option.

=== Version 1.0 ===
Initial Release.
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