, Boompay – Modern Payment Gateway, Laravel & VueJs

Boompay is a Modern Payment Gateway PHP Script made with Laravel Framework. its Built to be beautiful, fast, and powerful. BOOMPAY comes with payment gateway features like Selling products, Sending client invoice, Sending money to anyone in the world with just an email address,
Quick checkout through any website, CAC business verification, and more. it’s easy to install our system within 5 minutes without any technical knowledge.

Inshort, if you are still confused what script does, it’s similar to paystack where you can sell products online and send a payment link to clients, send an invoice to clients, transfer money, and also receive money on your site..

, Boompay – Modern Payment Gateway, Laravel & VueJs

For bug fixes, inquiries, customization, send a request ticket here, please make it as simple as possible. Thank you

What we don’t provide support for, must-read

Never delete any data from PHPMyAdmin, except via script. We won’t provide support to clients that cause bugs by deleting stuff from PHPMyAdmin instead of script.

Wondering What Payment gateway is supported

  • Stripe
  • Perfect Money
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Vogue Pay
  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave

New Features on BOOMPAY @ 27/07/2020

  • Request payment
  • Flutterwave
  • Recaptcha integeration
  • Fixed Bug that had to do with KYC
  • UI changes
  • Bug fixes

User features

  • Cross-browser optimized design
  • Easy Signup/login
  • Secure dashboard
  • Send Money
  • Invoice
  • Business verification
  • Merchant
  • Account settings
  • Social links
  • Sell any product of any kind
  • CAC business verification
  • Withdraw limit for unverified business
  • Tawk, Twilio has be integrated
  • Multiple Bank accounts
  • Withdraw system
  • more…

Admin features

  • Blog management
  • Faq management
  • Webpages management
  • Brand management
  • Interface control
  • Social links
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms & conditions
  • Invoice management
  • Product management
  • Withdrawal management
  • Email settings
  • SMS settings
  • Basic settings
  • Messages
  • User management
  • Money Transfer management
  • Order system
  • Deposit management
  • more…

Logo credits
Author Page/Shop Link:

Frontend: https://boomchart.net/boompay
Admin Access: https://boomchart.net/boompay/admin
Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: 1234
User Access: https://boomchart.net/boompay/login
User Login:Email: user@test.com || Password: junejune

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